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General-purpose program that combines properties of power graphic editors and properties of program of automatic designing. It allows creating 2D and 3D excellent images, which it is difficult to create by other ways. The unique method of transformation of raster images and methods of selection parts of the image can be used for processing photo and creating of portraits. It is used as storage of images as raster and color of transparent points.

Publisher description

Images Generator is general-purpose program that combines properties of power graphic editors and properties of programs of automatic designing. It can be used for creating of electrical circuits, engineering diagrams, workflows, fashion designs, science illustration and many others. The application allows creating from elements of Web pages as banners, backgrounds, headings, buttons, navigation panels, textures to complete professionally executed Web sites. Application can be used for photo processing. You can to use about 200 graphic filters and transformers. The program provides effective methods for selection of image area and application of graphic filters to selected area. Unique method of raster transformation let you to create portraits on base of photo. Images Generator has convenient tool for spots and scratches removal. The application provides some methods for creation of 3D images. These methods can be used for engineering design and mathematical modeling. Innovative tools as multicolor lines of variable width, vector brushes and trajectories let you to create excellent images and textures. Such images can be used in the textile industry, in paper manufacture and in other areas. Images Generator can be used as images storage. Distinctive feature thus is that not only a rectangular raster of the image, but also color of transparent points of a raster is stored. It provides storage of figures. Using these figures various images can be obtained by their combination. You can to store, for example, images of electric components and to obtain with their help electric circuits. Transparent color may be coded in the same image. More than 2000 images can be stored simultaneously. The program has a plenty of the built - in shapes combining of which you can to obtain unlimited amount of shapes. You can to create vector image and to save vector image in DXF files. It provides compatibility with program AutoCAD and other programs of automatic designing.

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